Cadet TKD Monthly Fees

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Our Cadets Taekwon-Do is a step up from our kids class in its intensity and the way it is taught. Specifically designed to challenge Children and Teenagers of this age range our Cadets class ensures the students give a higher level of focus in every session.

Learning more details in the techniques being taught and then also learning more complex kicks. The children will begin their journey on muscle and strength development here as well as creating the dynamism for the fast kicks that Taekwon-Do is so famous for.

As well as learning self-defence moves appropriate for their age range the students will learn the technical moves required to reach each level progressively. This is all taught with motivation in a way that the students can benefit from our professional attitude and positive role models.

If there are 2 or more training with us in your family, please click “Continue Shopping” from the Cart page to add more to your cart before checking out – family discount is automatically calculated and the direct debit will come out as one payment.

Cadet classes run all year with just a two week summer break and a two week Christmas break.

Monthly training fees are paid 12 months of the year and require 1 months notice should you need to cancel.  Your first months payment will be taken when you checkout and then payments are repeated on the same date each month.


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